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Canvas Shoes
The upper of the canvas shoes produced by our company is made of high quality canvas. In addition, the upper of the shoe has a normal curvature. The sutures of the different parts of the upper of the shoe are evenly aligned and unbroken. Our shoes have also been dyed well, and the shoes we produce have no color difference. The shoe body is seen from the heel, and the angle of the shoe body and the sole are vertical. The lace holes are not skewed and the left and right are piled up. The pattern and text printed on the upper are clear and beautiful and unique.
The sole of the canvas shoes is made of high-quality rubber, so the wear resistance and slip resistance of the sole are very good. The anti-slip stripes on the sole are clear and have no glue defects. The stripes of the sole are evenly spaced and free of stomata and blistering. The insole of the shoe is soft and elastic. There are no small dots and bubbles on the rubber joints of the shoes. The color, pattern, height, length, and width of each part of the canvas shoes are the same.
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