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Walking Shoes
Our company's walking shoes have a high heel height that gives the wearer a great level of comfort. A reasonable heel height allows the hips to be lifted forward, the abdomen to be tightened, and the chest to stand up, making the person look tall and energetic.
The tightness of the shoe is appropriate, so it fits well. The walking shoes we produce do not press the instep and there is room for about one thumb in front of the shoes, which gives the forefoot a certain amount of swing and the heel does not swing.The shoe has a double-layered separate structure.
The application of sponge and sweat-wicking mesh materials makes our walking shoes more breathable.On the materials used in the shoes, we chose a breathable and comfortable material. The breathable material not only makes people feel comfortable, but also does not make people feel ankle. A softer insert material is used on the outside of the sole to absorb the shock generated by the heel impact on the ground, while a harder material is used on the inside to prevent excessive internal rotation of the foot and improve stability.
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