Sunrise (Hong Kong) Group Limited



Our company is a professional manufacturer of worker vests and lace underwear.
The vests we produce are made of high-quality nylon and have a fine mesh design, so it is not easily deformed, wrinkled, permeable and comfortable to wear. The main color of the fabric is fluorescent, so it is beautiful in color and has a certain visual warning effect.
The vest is made of high-quality reflective material, so the reflective strip on the vest can be reflected hundreds of meters at night. In addition, the reflective strips on the vest are also brightly colored, corrosion resistant and durable.
The underwear produced by our company has a delicate and beautiful lace design. This design carries a mysterious temperament. In addition, in the choice of lace materials, we use materials with good breathability and excellent comfort. Moreover, this underwear is also very slim, so it can show your perfect body curve.
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