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Running Shoes
The outer sole of the running shoes is covered with a variety of special lines, and there are many grooves in the middle, which greatly enhances its wear resistance and slip resistance. The outer sole material is made of wear-resistant high-quality rubber, which is more wear-resistant and has an ideal anti-slip effect and weight.
The midsole of running shoes can effectively cushion the vibration from the ground. If you like running, the midsole of this shoe can cut and shift the vibrations, making you feel comfortable and safe during running.
The material of the midsole is made of high quality foam rubber. It provides good elasticity and very light weight. The upper part of the shoe is in direct contact with your foot. It acts like a protective sleeve, protecting your feet safely.
In addition, the surface of the shoes produced by our company has been well treated, which increases the adsorption and emission of sweat to the feet. The insole of our running shoes can adjust the support of the arch to achieve the ideal fit between the foot and the shoe. The upper of the running shoe is made of breathable and comfortable material, which provides close protection to the foot and ankle.
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