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Vapormax Shoes
The Vapormax Shoes produced by our company is provided with an air storage chamber which can form an air cushion between the upper part of the sole and the lower part of the sole. The air storage chamber and the air inlet and outlet channels disposed on the shoe constitute a ventilation device, wherein the air inlet channel is vertically disposed at the rear end of the shoe, and communicates with the gas storage chamber from top to bottom, and the air outlet channel is laterally disposed at The upper part of the sole is respectively connected to the air storage chamber in the shoe.
An air storage chamber capable of forming an air cushion is disposed between the upper portion of the sole and the lower portion of the sole, which provides a good cushioning effect. This shoe is perfect for sports, it makes you feel relaxed and protect your ankles during exercise.
Our company's air-cushion sneakers mainly include laces, upper fabrics, upper faux leathers, insoles, airbag rubber, sole rubber, sole rubber, and air cushion design. Among them, the insole is made of special rebounding force material, which can effectively absorb part of the reaction force, reduce the burden on the foot, and make it easier and more comfortable to wear.
The role of the airbag glue of the shoe is to conserve the air in the air cushion to provide elasticity and reduce the shock during exercise. The air cushions of our shoes are designed to slow down the shock caused by ankles and ground impacts during daily walking, as well as provide additional shock and support.
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