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Safety Shoes
The safety shoes we produce are excellent in impact resistance. The impact test is carried out with a steel impact hammer of a predetermined weight. When the head of the shoe is impacted, the gap height under the head is less than the specified value, and the head does not have any penetrating crack in the direction of the test axis.
The safety shoes we produce are excellent in puncture resistance. In the test, we placed the sole sample on the chassis of the test machine in such a position that the test nail can be pierced through the outsole. The results show that the shoes produced by our company have good puncture resistance, so it can effectively protect your feet.
Good anti-static properties allow the shoes to walk better in the work environment, and its anti-static properties can also effectively improve your work efficiency. The temperature increase on the inner surface of the shoes produced by our company is less than 22 °C.
The shoes we produce have a high slip resistance because we specify the design and specifications of the non-slip blocks on the soles. We have strict requirements on the thickness of the sole, the height of the non-slip block, and the distance from the edge of the sole. Good acid and alkali resistance makes these shoes suitable for use in low-acid and alkaline workplaces.
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