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Working Shoes
The uppers of the shoes are full and soft and feel comfortable. Its gloss is uniform and there is no loose surface. The shoes in the shoes are part of the upper, which reinforces the upper, prevents the upper from extending and improves the feel of the foot. Therefore, in addition, the shoes in our shoes have good feel, breathability and moisture wicking. There are no wrinkles and fat edges in the shoes.
The insole has the function of keeping the insole clean and covering the insole to improve the feeling of the foot. Therefore, the insole should have good suction and drainage properties. The insole of the shoe is flatly adhered to the inner sole without wrinkling.
The combined state of the periphery of the outsole of the shoe is intimately bonded without voids. In addition, the underside of the work shoe is very flat.
The heel of the working shoe is naturally flush with the shoe. The heel is securely attached to the inner sole. The heel does not wobble when swinging the shoes back and forth. The underside of the shoe is not less than the underside of the heel.The working shoes we produce are very stable. When you put the shoes on the plane, you can see the shoes stand still.
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