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Sports Shoes
The uppers of the shoes produced by our company are very soft. Therefore, when you press the upper with your hand, there will be no looseness. In addition, the uppers of the shoes are full, soft, comfortable and uniform in gloss. The shoes of the sports shoes we produce effectively enhance the upper, prevent the upper from extending and improve the feel of the foot. In the choice of materials in the shoes, we chose materials with good touch, breathability and moisture wicking, and not easy to decolorize. In addition, the sewing of the shoes is also very good, there is no extra thread at each joint of the shoes.
The insole of the sports shoe has the function of keeping the inner sole of the shoe clean and covering the unevenness of the inner sole to improve the feeling of the foot. Therefore, the insole should have good suction and drainage properties. The insole of the sports shoes we produce is flatly adhered to the inner sole without the phenomenon of dangling or wrinkling. The bonding state around the outsole of the shoe is intimately bonded without voids. In addition, the bottom of the shoe is still very flat.
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