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Basketball Shoes
The basketball shoes produced by our company has good durability, support, stability, comfort and shock absorption. Therefore, it can meet the requirements of continuous starting, emergency stop, take-off and rapid left and right movement in basketball. Basketball shoes also have a good foot structure, which can make your basketball shoes suddenly jump or stop during the movement, and it is not easy to loosen when running frequently and turning quickly.
In addition, the carrying of the shoes is also very good to enhance the stability of the shoes and can make you more relaxed in sports. In the upper part of the arch part of the foot, we have a belt design to increase the stability of the shoe and protect the ankle.
In the choice of the midsole of the shoe, we chose a soft and shock-absorbing material. The midsole materials and structures we have chosen enhance the cushioning and shock absorption of the shoes and enhance the bounce level of the athletes. In the heel and forefoot of basketball shoes, we add a certain amount of shock absorbing material to the design without increasing its weight.
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